About Us - Dr. Yogesh Gupta

(Pediatrician, Counselor & Environmentalist)

MBBS, MD (Pediatric Medicine), FIAP

  • MBBS (1985), University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India.
  • M.D. (Pediatric Medicine) (1988), University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India.
  • FIAP (2012), Fellow, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Mumbai, India.
  • Advanced Vaccinology Course (ADVAC):
  • International Pediatric Association (IPA) Vaccine Trust Course – 1 (March 2021)

Dr ALOK GUPTA is one of the most trusted senior pediatricians and counselors based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, dedicated to providing the highest quality of holistic child and adolescent care. He possesses more than 35 years of rich and vast experience in treating a variety of child’s diseases and disorders. He is well known for his excellent diagnosis and successful treatment results. He is all ears to his patient’s problems and listens patiently and compassionately. Thousands of babies, children and parents appreciate his precision and skills during administering vaccines, leading to happy faces leaving the clinic. Dr ALOK Gupta is very active in highly reputed organizations like Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), Asia Pacific Pediatric Association (APPA), International Pediatric Association (IPA), World Health Organization (WHO), Indian Medical Association (IMA) and has been speaker in their various sessions. 

Dr Yogesh Gupta neurosurgeon

(Best Pediatrician, Counselor & Environmentalist in Jaipur)

Babies and Children are not Small Adults!!

They have unique specific needs and therefore, require extra specialized care, compassion, and empathy. With the aim of ‘Healthy Kids, Happy Parents’, we started our clinic in 1988 to provide specialized comprehensive childcare including timely vaccinations to help your little ones grow and thrive into healthy and happy young adults. We understand the specific needs of a growing child and monitor the changes in their behavior, skills, and mental and physical development at every stage. Ours was the first Private Clinic to offer vaccines daily, which was not present in the Government centers even.

Teens & Adolescents are still ripening into Mature Adults!!

They need to be handled with utmost care like a brand-new car!! A small scratch, a small dent means a lot emotionally. Handle them with Utmost Care!! They get hurt very easily!!

We provide counseling, support, and expert guidance to children of all ages and their parents to help them sail through their social and emotional difficulties with ease. We help them by talking to them, mostly listening, because they know what they want. We know how to handle their emotions best!!

We counsel the parents and the children regarding preventive health measures, healthy habits, nutritional well-being, maintaining hygiene, etc. This encourages positive parenting practices promoting good health, safety, and overall well-being in children and their families.

Above all we counsel them before as well as after marriage, how to handle relationships and their consequences and outcomes. We counsel them before and during pregnancy as well as after delivery.

We are Professionals. We do not Judge. We help them take difficult decisions in every situation life offers. We hold their hands and walk with them till they need us !!

Academic and Administrative Positions

IPA International Environment Advocate (2022 onwards)
Member: Strategic Advisory Group, Environmental Health, International Pediatric Association (2020, 2021)
Member: IAP Finance Committee (2020-21, 2022-23)
Member: IAP Disciplinary Committee (2021)
Member: National Platform on Vaccine Confidence (2021)
Convener: Technical Advisory Group, Environment Child Health, Asia Pacific Pediatric Association (2016-18)
National Convenor: IAP National Task force on NCD (2018-19)
Chairperson: Environment & Child Health Group (ECHG) of IAP (2013-16).
Technical Expert: Vaccinology, Safe Injection Practices & BMW Disposal (2004)
President: Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Jaipur (2014), Rajasthan (2015)
Election Commissioner, Indian Academy of Pediatrics (2014-17)
National Executive Board Member, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, India (2011, 2012)
National Convener: IAP ADOPT A VILLAGE PROGRAM (2016-17)
National Coordinator (North): Nutrition Education Program of IAP (2015-16)
National Coordinator: Safe Injection Practices Workshops (2012)
National Joint Convener: PSPID workshops (2011)
Chairperson: Continuing Medical Education, Pedicon 2011, Jaipur (2011)


MBBS (1985), University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India.
MD (Pediatric Medicine) (1988), University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India.
FIAP (2012), Fellow, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Mumbai, India.
Advanced Vaccinology Course (ADVAC):
International Pediatric Association (IPA) Vaccine Trust Course – 1 (March 2021)

Work Experience

Consultant Pediatrician since 1988


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