What is growth assessment?

Growth assessment means physical examination and evaluation of the kids to know if they are growing at the correct pace. Assessing and monitoring the growth of a child tells us about the health and nutritional status of infants and children.

The primary aim for regular growth assessment of children is to identify and prevent malnutrition and obesity in children. Therefore, growth assessment is a key component of every pediatric examination.

The doctor measures the height, weight, and head circumference of the child and plots these measurements on reference charts to accurately interpret and evaluate the growth pattern.

Why is it important?

Growth is a fundamental characteristic of childhood and its appropriate assessment and monitoring is the most important aspect of pediatrics and community child health. It is essential because:

  • It helps to know if the child is growing normally which indicates optimal health.

  • Aids to detect any abnormal growth pattern in a timely manner so that it can be taken care of and intervened at the earliest.

  • Poor growth is an alarming sign of many diseases and disorders which can be diagnosed and thus treated timely and effectively.

Always be regular with your child’s routine check-up visits which always involve growth assessment by your pediatrician. These visits are not actually ‘routine’ or ‘casual’, but are very important to know about your child’s well-being and save them from many diseases and disorders.