Vaccination: The most effective and least expensive way to protect our little ones’ lives and give them a bright and healthy future.

What is vaccination?

Vaccination means injecting a very small amount or weakened version of the germs which actually cause the disease. The concentration is so less that it does not cause the disease but activates your child’s immune system and develops antibodies (Cells that fight out the disease-causing germs). Now, these antibodies will protect your child from this specific disease whenever they are actually exposed to it.

Why is it important?

Complete and timely vaccination is the most precious gift that you can give to your ‘bundles of joy.’

  • It helps save lives: Undoubtedly, this is the only way to protect your children from dangerous and life-threatening diseases.

  • It saves money: Yes, this is true! It may seem an expensive affair at the time of administering it, but if you look at it in the long run, it proves to be very cost-effective. Think of the financial loss, time, and emotional stress when your child actually suffers from a disease. Vaccinations will save both your finances and time.

  • It helps protect the next generations: As a result of vaccination, many serious and debilitating diseases like polio have been eradicated. Thus, there is no risk of polio for future generations, ensuring they grow healthier and happier.

  • It also protects your family and friends: If you are vaccinated, you will also prevent the spread of infectious diseases to others, thus promoting health.